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Diane Bethel
Diane Bethel

Diane previously worked at the corporate level of KID-FIT for four years and is one of a handful of instructors who has earned a KID-FIT Teacher Certification. During that time, she taught KID-FIT classes for the corporate office at various preschools throughout the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. She also worked as a KID-FIT teacher trainer, for new instructors coming on board. Diane currently is the primary demonstration class instructor for all corporate prospective accounts.

Diane now has her own business and is offering classes strictly in the San Fernando Valley. “Teaching KID-FIT to preschoolers is so rewarding. I am always amazed at how much they love to learn about their bodies and how much they love to exercise.” Diane truly believes that teaching young children about healthy lifestyle habits and choices is the best way to ensure that they have a head start on fighting obesity which is such a huge problem with this generation.

Additionally, Diane is certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR. And, in her spare time, she loves training and competing in the LA Marathon. “I am getting ready to train for my fourth marathon. I love it. My goal is to keep running in the marathon forever!”